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About Aklan Trekkers

Aklan TREKKERS (Traditional and Ridge-to-Reef Ecological Key Knowledge for Environmental Resiliency and Sustainability) Inc. is a non-profit organization that promotes responsible mountaineering, protects traditional knowledge, advocates environmental conservation, contributes to socioeconomic development, and enhances environmental consciousness through outdoor training, cultural sensitivity, ridge-to-reef initiatives, science-aided grassroots programs and projects, community outreach, green livelihoods, sustainable tourism, and nature-based education.


To inspire, educate and empower people to practice sustainability, value nature, and protect the environment, making a positive impact for a healthy ecosystem and sustainable future.


To become a catalyst for positive change, a leading outdoor organization in Aklan that advocates responsible tourism, nature conservation, and sustainable development for a healthy environment and resilient communities.

Aklan Trekkers History

Aklan Trekkers: Pioneering Responsible Mountaineering and Environmental Conservation in Aklan

Aklan Trekkers began as a volunteer-based outdoor organization in Aklan, established on December 12, 2017, by five Aklanon mountaineers: Ritchel and Richard Cahilig (Rich & Ritch), Clark Cahilig (Island Trekker), and Mark Anthony Torcita (Summit Trekkers). Their journey commenced during a hike at Mt. Pinupo in Sitio San Juan, Barangay San Roque, Libertad, Antique. Later, Jackelyn Villas Tindog (Panay Mountaineer) was added as an additional founder.


From its inception, the group was dedicated to advocating responsible mountaineering, environmental conservation, sustainable eco-tourism, social entrepreneurship, and reaching out to remote, isolated, and indigenous communities through outreach missions, community empowerment, and immersions.

Promoting Outdoor Activities and Unity

To foster outdoor activities in Aklan and connect with other outdoor groups nationwide, the group hosted the 1st Aklan Hammock Festival in Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan, on February 23-24, 2018. This successful event was followed by the the 1st Upland Outreach Mission in Sitio Maytaraw, Barangay Dalagsaan, Libacao, Aklan, reaching the farthest village in the province.

A Journey of Growth

As Aklan Trekkers grew, two of its founders pursued different ventures. Clark Cahilig left the group in December 2018 to focus on Island Trekkers, while Mark Anthony Torcita also left in December 2021 to prioritize Summit Trekkers. Despite these changes, Aklan Trekkers continued to thrive.

Empowering Communities and Environmental Conservation

Since its founding, Aklan Trekkers has continued its efforts to promote eco-tourism destinations in Aklan through the Aklan Hammock Festival and numerous outdoor events for various causes. These initiatives also aim to fund outreach programs in remote communities, such as the Upland Outreach Missions. Generous donors have also supported the group in conducting outreach activities in disaster-hit areas, constructing houses for families in unsafe homes, and distributing vegetable seeds to farmers. Additionally, the group organizes hikes to raise funds for forest ranger support, mental health awareness, and exploration of potential eco-tourism sites in the province.

Environmental Advocacy and Sustainability

As an environmentally aligned outdoor organization, Aklan Trekkers actively participates in community dialogues on conservation and self-sufficiency. Its commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability is exemplified through countless tree planting activities and eco-brick exchanges in remote coastal and upland communities, as part of ridge-to-reef initiatives. Furthermore, the group have been proactive in campaigning for biodiversity protection. On June 2021, Aklan Trekkers, together with PhilinCon and other environmental groups, actively participated in anti-hydropower campaign, successfully halting the construction of 300-megawatt (MW) pumped-storage hydro power plant inside the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park or the NPPNP.


In September 2021, Aklan Trekkers, along with the Aklan Research Center for Coastal Studies and Creed Foundation, collaborated to research the Nabaoynons Indigenous Knowledge and Systems of Practices (IKSP) for Climate Change adaptation leading to the creation of the “Kinaiya it Kailayahan” campaign. This research served as an entry for the Oscar M. Lopez Center’s Umalahokan grant, and the group emerged as the first-place winner.

A Growing Family

In January 2022, several other members joined as founding contributors. In March 2022, following the success of the 4th Aklan Hammock Festival, the group built the Baeay Darayunan and conducted its 4th Upland Outreach Mission in Panipiason, Madalag, Aklan.

Blazing New Trails

From April 14-17, 2022, the group successfully opened the Timbaban circuit trail, introducing outdoor enthusiasts to the breathtaking landscapes of Aklan.

Official Registration as an NGO

On December 12, 2022, Aklan Trekkers achieved a remarkable milestone by officially registering as an NGO. This status further strengthens their commitment to environmental conservation, sustainable practices, and social empowerment.

Join Aklan Trekkers in Our Environmental Journey

Become part of our mission to make a positive impact on Aklan’s natural beauty and the well-being of its people. Embrace responsible mountaineering, support environmental conservation, and foster sustainable eco-tourism for future generations.

Aklan Trekkers Officers

Ritchel C. Cahilig


Richard R. Cahilig

Co-founder/Vice President

Jackelyn V. Tindog


Cristina R. Daguno


Romart M. Martesano

Assistant Secretary Treasurer

Beverly T. Jaspe


Christine Hope D. Pagsuguiron

Public Relations Officer

Aklan Trekkers Board Members

Ritchel C. Cahilig


Richard R. Cahilig

Co-founder/Vice Chairman

Jackelyn V. Tindog

Co-founder/Board Secretary

Bryan Ray S. Solano

Board Member

Ma. Lorena M. Solano

Board Member

Jemmar M. Arandilla

Board Member

Joseef Christian F. Tindog

Board Member

Ronaliza I. Orada

Board Member

Elena T. Brugger

Board Member

Ronald J. Maliao

Board Member

Joejit N. Naldoza

Board Member

Maebelle Lennin Claire I. Remetio

Board Member

Ma. Ruth P. Repayo

Board Member

Noralyn E. Colas

Board Member

Alvin T. Zaquita

Board Member

Aklan Trekkers Advisers

Emelcar C. Baladjay


Gil S. Delos Santos


Maresa P. Bluml


Melvie J. Jabao


Lovelyn F. Padernal



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