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1st Aklan Hammock Festival: The First-ever Outdoor Gathering of Hammock Enthusiasts in Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan, Featuring a Weekend of Camping, Tree Planting, and Festivities

We love the outdoors and we want to share that love with others. We believe that spending time outside helps people connect with nature and it also empowers them to take care of and protect the environment, thereby on February 17 and 18, 2018, Aklan Trekkers organized the 1st Aklan Hammock Festival in Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan. A weekend of hammock camping, tree planting, and a bit of festivities enjoyed by outdoor groups and individuals who wanted to disconnect from the daily distractions of life and to reconnect with nature.

Why Hammock? Apart from the usual tent camping, hammock camping is also gaining popularity in the outdoor scene because of its portability. Hammocks are light, easy to set up and it’s comfy as a chair and a bed. One can just do a quick camp, hang a hammock, enjoy the view and connect with nature.

The goal of the event is to promote local tourism and products, outdoor activities, and environmental awareness. It was the first hammock gathering in the province and it was simply for the pleasure of enjoying the great outdoors. A mixture of bright colors filled the venue as participants donned yellow event shirts and as hammocks of various styles and brands were set up between several pine trees. The venue was accentuated by the serene beach, beautiful orange sunrise and sunset, and blue daytime sky. Also, delicacies and local products were present at the event.

Aerial view of Jawili Falls in Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan. Photography by: Rey Anthony Ramirez

The event started with preliminaries such as the introduction of organizers, sponsors, and participants, followed by initial raffle draws and games. After lunch, everyone was encouraged to have nature time and photo opportunities. The afternoon was highlighted by getting-to-know games which noticeably increased camaraderie among participants.

A huge bonfire was set up after dinner at the beach. Organizers gathered everyone around for the raffle draws and to witness the unique tribal music performance by the Dagsa Tribe sponsored by Boracay Eden Villa. Their music enthralled the audience and made everyone dance to their ethnic beat. It was a scene to be held on. The night didn’t end without the ‘hot seat’ interviews and talks over some booze.

In addition to hanging out by the beach, a tree-planting activity was held at the deforested area of barangay Jawili the next day. Before that, the DENR-CENR Officer gave an orientation on how to properly plant the seedlings and grow them. Around 85 people woke up early, picked up two seedlings each from the nursery, carried them uphill, and planted them with love and care.

A hammock tower was also set up for photo-taking out from the efforts of the experienced hangers. After the break camp, participants were called for the final raffle draws which were truly enjoyed by the winners and sponsors followed by words of gratitude from us (organizers). Outside the venue, a truck provided by the Municipality of Tangalan was waiting to bring the participants at the Jawili Falls for a short side-trip and finally at the Tangalan Public Market where buses and vans pass by. It was a sweet goodbye.

With the success of the event, Aklan Trekkers hope to continue the event on a yearly basis, promoting different towns of the province and encouraging people go outside, enjoy the outdoors, and value nature.

1st Aklan Hammock Festival event video

Update: Please read the 2nd Aklan Hammock Festival story here

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